Monday, January 16, 2006

Letter to a Brother: Right under your feet


It is only because I am too self-conscious in the Internet room that
I'm not spilling out tears listening to Matisyahu's "Wandering Through
This World".

"Many names for one G-d..."

"Singing to their Ta to rebuild the Temple...."

"Wandering through this world..."

"Break down this concealment..."

My breathing is hurried.

Major stuff is happening, my brother. The whole world is not only
OPEN, but actually preparing for a time when our own perception will
no longer limit us from understanding and receiving great amounts of
revelation. The world is beautifully exploding beneath our feet. We
just gottta tune in, gotta tune in...

I hope that wherever you are - physically and spiritually - that
you're able to feel and sense the light that's on it's way, rushing
past the mountains on high, totally ready to break the contraction and
reveal. `

It's booming, crashing, turning it all upside down and right side up...

...right under your feet.

You're strongly in my thoughts.

I can't wait to sing and dance when it all breaks loose.



nahama said...

i don't remember ever wishing to be a complete stranger.
until now.
for your sake, that is.

well, well.
you'll just have to accept this humble (1st :)) comment from someone you know. [alas! we must find our drama elsewhere.]

keep up the updates!
blog on sista...

Saad said...
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Saad said...

Start singing and dancing now. Where your thoughts are is where you are, says Chasidus, says reality. If you're living Moshiach, dance, just dance. Also, simcha poretz kol geder. So if there is even but a strand of concealment left, dance and that too will be brought to its dirty knees.

Wish I was there with you. Wait, but I am.