Sunday, July 30, 2006

How BAD do you want to be GOOD?

Would you decide to care, once and for all?

Would you put aside the definitions, and follow the truth?

Would you believe in a G-dly soul? Would you listen to it?

Would you stay awake at night?

Would you change your self-definition, with the snap of a finger?

Would you embrace the rollercoaster?

Would you sing a different song?

Dance to a different beat?

Would you smile more?

Would you listen?

Would you ask all your questions?

Would you stop everything?

Would you refuse to let go?


You want to be so good. So badly.

How badly?

You would move at a thousand miles an hour, all to be good.

You would refuse to see the barriers, all to be good.

You would be dangerous, risky, and absolutely crazy - all to be good.

Nothing can hold you back. You know it. You've seen it. You've felt it.

You will shout it to the world, and you'll ask everyone...

...How bad do YOU want to be good?

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Back from Bais Chana? Never.

After a month without blogging,
my last post and this one are incredibly connected.
The Rebbe’s vision. Redemption. Bais Chana.


I'm back from a very intense, enlightening, growth-filled and soul-lifting month that was the Bais Chana teen program.

When I came to my window seat on the plane, I asked the two passengers in my row it they would rather have my seat, since I never manage to sleep on planes. They both declined, and when I took my seat, I feel right asleep. When I woke up during landing, the man sitting next to me said, “Well, you slept well for someone who never sleeps on planes.”

I just smiled.

It’s been a while since I’ve exerted so much of my body and soul energy. I am physically exhausted, that’s for sure.

But the soul… it’s different. The more you exercise the soul, the better it breathes. The more alive it feels. And apparently, you can put a thousand pound boulder on it, and it will still kick.

Bais Chana was full of soul-kicking young women. After spending time with them, life will never be the same. It can’t.

There’s so much I want to share, but it seems like words just weren’t created to describe experiences with such a high soul-involvement.

All of it has sped right to my core. Nothing is left untouched. The knowledge, the hopes, the fears, the laughs, the tears - they will seep through everything that exists in my future, starting now.