Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Yud Shvat - Thank you, Rebbe.

What the heck am I doing with a Chitas?

Who was that closing her eyes to a niggun at the farbrengen today?

Why am I so bothered that I lost my Moshiach pin?

Okay, I know - I was born in Crown Heights. But, come on, a lot has happened in between then and now. What am am doing back where it all began?

The "new girl" at Machon Alte two months ago is laughing at her future self.

Chitas - what? Crying to the Alter Rebbe's niggun? - come on! Moshiach pin?!

Thank G-d there is humor in change, or else this would all just be too much.

I think I've pretty much given in to the transformation and I'm loving the process.

My thanks to the Rebbe, for showing me that nothing is too crazy.


Temmi said...

Hi Mima,
I love reading your blog.. its definitely my inspiration for the week. Plus it has the added benafit of me having a slight idea of whats going on in your life, or at least what is going on in your mind, even better. They say that when true friends are apart they are never truely seperate, rather each freind has a piece of the other inside them.
So, reading what you are up to, keeps me informed on the piece of me that you took to Israel :)
Anyway to comment on what you said that there is humor in change or else it would be to much.

To quote a wise girl i once knew

When a Lubavitcher wraps Tefillin around the arm of a "midtown punk"
Jew, he is unwinding years of soul hypocrisy. He's not changing

Similarly you with your chitas and niggunim, thats not change. That is you being who you really are in essence.That is ridding yourselve of any change between essence and externalaties ( is that a word?)

Enjoy Chevron!

Mushk said...


I can deffinetely relate. It is almost like you need someone to pinch you, and wake you up.

Your loving it, but are put off by it. Embracing it, yet afraid in some ways.

All I can say is that I find peace in knowing that you are now "giving into the transformation"...

You are inspiring my sister.


(who is a girl...Ha Ha!)

Mimi said...

Temmi: Your post means a lot to me. You knew exactly what to say...and used my own words to prove it! =) I miss you.

Mushk: You're riding the wave with me. You get me, sista!

Simi said...

"it actually hurt"! (got the idea of quoting you from your sister)
Im not sure i unerstood or even actually believed the saying, "The truth hurts"
I feel like now that somehow im not only undrstanding it.. but appreciating it as well!
This is the real life, the real world! this is where the action is At!!.
When people say to me with a loving but with a bit of a worrysome look on their faces, "so do yuo think your Bubble will fade?"
I look at them and cant help feeling inside how i wish w could all be in This Bubble... and feel a little sorry for those who havent found how to get inside yet
Greta Job Mim! So glad to be here with you!Si,m

wandering said...

reading your blog is kind of like transporting myself back to the time when i was in that same kind of environment in israel. don't let the bubble pop- keep your inspiration real and keep inspiring others!