Monday, March 06, 2006

The Chassidic Tide In My Mind

(I took the above picture in Tel Aviv last year)

Chassidic dualities stirring in my brain,

So many truths, but they all feel the same.

Tellin' me I'm small, got me in touch with my might,

My shrinking is great, but I turn darkness to light.

They say it's about this world, yet it doesn't exist,

Challenging my mind, Chassidus never wants to resist.

G-d's so huge and vast, yet they say he's within me,

The contrast explodes, but there's moments I can see.

Finding heaven's perspective, keeping my feet on the ground,

Finding my own beat, but taking from everyone's sound.

I'm a nothing - so small that I barely am here,

Yet I'm running the world without a single fear.

I make myself inferior, and superiority reigns,

Lifting up another, while being real with their pains.

They tell me to be loud, but totally quiet.

I'm bursting through this tumbling symmetry riot.

I am a shortsighted person expanding my mind,

Widening life's road, loving what I find.

An elevating calmness rises as my brain bends,

The beauty of truth is it's found in opposite ends.


Science says the world is expanding, and with it my mind - how they don't see redemption, is it that hard to find? Contrast, dualities - they share the same space - to a world of higher consciousness, revealing G-d's face. My soul at rest with this seeming bind - testifying to the burning truth in my mind. Chassidus revealing essence in both poles - the strength is in the opposite roles. Moving in one direction, I find light from each side - this is the movement of the Chassidic tide.


Saad said...

Thank you, Mimi. Awesomely brilliant.

nahama said...

love it!!!!! stupendous!!!!!

good thing you don't lead a cult or i'd be broke; cleaning carpets with no hope for a shower.

keep it comin...

Estee said...


Thank you for these sparks of chassidus.

Anonymous said...

this is amazing .. that needs to be a song

the OTHER roomy said...
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wandering said...

i love it. ;)

Anonymous said...

i agree make this into a song!!!
maybe sell this to matisyahu!

JB said...

You heard the people! Mimi, give it to Saad :). Thanks for everything you write here btw. This is my first time posting (I think ;)) but nowhere near my first time visiting. After reading what you write, I find myself strapped into the same spiritual rollercoaster you are. Thanks for all the inspiration.

N. said...

Mimi, that was beautiful. I've been spending the last few afternoons catching up on your blo since I got wind of it so late and I have to tell you I love it. You write with such finesse. Sometimes I get so engrossed that it destracts me from wha I should be doing. That's a good thing, keep on writing!

Anonymous said...

very nice-

no dichotomies in you- you're consistently brilliant

Mimi said...

Nahama: I think about you the same way, baby :) Thanks a ton.

Jb: Thanks. A comment likes yours is encouraging. REALLY. Joining the rollercoaster is what it's all about... glad you're on the ride. Keep visiting/commenting.

N.: I must admit, I love the thought of me distracting people at their computers around the world. Hehe. :) Thanks for the compliments.