Tuesday, May 16, 2006

In Transition

I'm in New York with Tzfas by my side.

I feel goooood - du du du du dee dee dee. Oh yeeeeaaa. :)

General future agenda:

1. Getting sleep.
2. Visit friends and family in New York. Do some shopping.
3.. Visiting Philadelphia, the Chabad house I'll be working at.
4. Going home, to Seattle. Sleeping some more.
5. Getting back into blogging, sharing, learning...living.
6. Be home. Loving my family.
7. Manis Friedman teen program. Live, learn, teach.
8. Be home, love my family more.
9. Go to Pennsylvania. Love my people, my family.
10. Hmm..

My number of profile views is up to 770. A good number, I'd say!

Speak to ya'll soon!

-- Mimi from the hilltop

[ Future attractions and topics: "Myth #4", "The Matisyahu Undertaking", "Trying to be Holy", "The Narrow Bridge? I think not.", "The Laughing Room" and more. ]


Ilana said...

Glad your back! Missed your posts. Enjoy your to-do list, sounds wonderful.

Hadassah said...

Mimi!!!!!!!! I miss you! I'm glad you're safe in the States. All the girls here st Machon Alte send their love, love, love! We miss you so much. Meron was amazing. Stampedes of people, HUGE Rebbe posters, Moshiach flags, CD's being handed out by bocherim (oh, geaouwed!)Amazing times. Didn't get back to Tsfas till 4am. Crazinesssssss. K, love you, keep posting!

wandering said...

welcome back to the U.S.... YOur plans sound thrilling, defintely keep us posted on how it all works out.

Hadassah- you are SO lucky to have seen meiron this year. It was one of my highlights of my year in Israel. There is NOTHING like it anywhere else...

Hadassah said...

Wandering- Yeah, it was breath-taking. There was an Igris stand, with ALL different types of people/chassidim writing in to the Rebbe. The stand was PACKED. As in, I wanted to stand in line, but I couldn't tell where the line was, and I knew if I tried, I would be standing there for a few hours. Unbelievable. I was so emotional! :o) It was amazing that Chabad totally took over the whole place, but it didn't feel intrusive. It was beautiful. The only let-down was that I wasn't able to make it into the kever. :o( The people were fighting to get in. Literally. That day of all days to be fighting? Psh. Besides that, it was really a life-changing experience. G-d willing we'll all be here next year b/c Moshiach is coming!

wandering said...

ah yes you havee got to be agressive when you are dealing with hordes of israelis... I remember my first day back in america I was SHOCKED to see ppl calmly waiting in line for a bus. In israel everyone hovers around the door, pushing to be the first one on. ;). You gotta love them for it...

FrumGirl said...

As always, your enthusiasm is catching! You should definately go into chinuch!

Anonymous said...
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