Monday, October 30, 2006

Packing My Bags

Speeding forth, glancing back - a picture I took two months ago.

[Wednesday, November 1st - Yud Cheshvan]

So I am leaving Philadelphia.

My roommate got engaged and a spiral of emotions and events have led to my decision to leave Philadelphia and journey forth.

Over the past two months, behind the scenes of this blog, much has been going on.

A lot has changed within, in terms of knowing my capabilities, planning my future, and getting closer to my real Shlichus, my true mission in life.

G-d has been very close throughout this decision. So many signs and opportunities and people made it clear to me exactly where I need to be. I feel unbelievably blessed.

Tonight, I opened to a letter from the Rebbe that said, "When a Jew resolves to do good, the One Above immediately opens for him additional channels if necessary, to accomplish it even better than expected."

I am ready.

Ending this chapter comes with much introspection, new resolutions, a fresh sort of faith, and a healthy dose of fear.

I make my move to Crown Heights tomorrow, where a Madricha position and amazing part time job await me. I am thrilled, and constantly smiling and marveling at how this is all shaping.

"Aint no one gonna break my stride, aint no one that could hold me down - oh no..."

I will not stop moving.


Everything in the universe works in a chain of cause and effect. At the beginning of every chain lies a decision, a free choice for which there is no cause, nothing that forced it to be that way.

Whatever comes out of that chain will come back to the one who initiated it.

At the beginning of each chain and at the end, there lies purpose.

- Attributed to the Previous Rebbe

[ From Tzvi Freeman's "Book of Purpose"]


Shloimy said...

Wow! Surprise! Just like that. Awesome Mim! You will succeed at anything, especially when doing what the Abishter and Rebbe want from you.

Nemo said...

How do you know that your purpose isn't in Philly?

Rochel Leah said...

Mazel tov, may you move from strength to strength!

anonym00kie said...

sounds great! good luck

Anonymous said...

In reference to Nemo's question, the main question is are you fulfilling the Rebbe's clear hora'ah of Asei Lcha Rav. Do you have a mashpia and did you consult with him/her regarding such a decision? Not knocking the Igrois, the Rebbe can answer us in many ways, but we have clear instruction about consulting a mashpia.

wishes outspoken said...

Aren't we being a BIT too aggressive here??
Does she have to tell you all the details in order for you to give her the benefit of the doubt?!

wandering said...

welcome back to this wonderful city... May you be blessed on every turn your journey takes you.

Pimplesoflife said...

mim im so happy for u! i wish u the best of luck! and send regards to bais chana i miss it soo much~~

Mimi said...

Thanks Shloimitchkoo! :)

Nemo: It's a personal thing really. But as a general answer, where your purpose is, you are smiling.

Rochel Leah and anontm00kie: Thanks so much.

Anonymous: Thank you for the concern and advice. Everything you said is true. It happens to be that I did not consult the Igrois to make a decision (although my blog made it sound that way) - not that I don't and wouldn't. Also, people were indeed consulted about my decision. Thank you :)

Wishes outspoken: You're hired.

Wandering: Thanks so much. It is a wonderful city, isn't it? You live here as well, eh?

Pimplesoflife: Hi dear. Miss you too. Yes, Bais Chana. Definitely.

Anyways, life here is beautiful. Lots of forward movement, thank G-d. I'll be back here to post something soon, G-d willing.

All the best,

been there said...

Quoting Mimi -
"Nemo: It's a personal thing really. But as a general answer, where your purpose is, you are smiling."

Smiling? It really depends on where the smile comes from, and what it means to you. Experience has taught me that when you are where you're meant to be, there's no guarantee you're smiling. You may very well be crying too. If it's a certain kind of smile; you may want to elaborate on your idea of that.

Estee said...

Hope you have a smooth move.
Thinking of you here in Guato!

Anonymous said...

matis' pronunciation of g-ds name is a total new one, under the daled is a shvoh-noh, not a tzeirei. jabotinsky