Sunday, December 10, 2006

For The Breathing - Yud Tes Kislev

yud tes kislev running through my mind

for you

for me

for this family

for Jews

for the clean shaven

for the bearded

for the anti

for the pro

for the knowing

for the not

for the yes

for the no

and so lubavitchers everywhere

will inspire

will bless

will drink

will sing

and why?

because the Alter Rebbe

the protester

the revolutionary

the mind and heart of

the past

the present

the future

of you
of me
of us all

released from prison

and it all woke up


the jewish soul

the dancing

released for good

still spiraling


from today

into tomorow

so lubavitchers

are alive

soaking it up

happy and proud

but you over there

the alter rebbe did this for you

come on in

you don't have to stop and tuck your shirt in

it's okay

get over here and say

a l'chaim

to life

take this blessing

hear the story

we will sing and dance

and everyone will catch on

here's to chassidus

and the sweetness in it's path

to bringing it inside


to bringing it outside

all over

yud tes kislev

it's a holy day

for who?

for me

for you

for the breathing

A Gut Yom Tov to all!

- M fom the Hilltop

Yud Tes Kislev Anthology:

Twenty Eight Teachings from Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi:


Your Bro said...

Beautiful post Mim. Rabbi Plotkin read it with me.

Beautiful, fresh, inspiring, and as R. Plotkin just said, "Nice, that's very nice."

Anonymous said...

Very well put in simple words...

keep em' coming

Anonymous said...

Um, I don't want to sound at all offensive--really---but how can you call it a yom tov?