Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Hilltop needs you :)

You're asking for more.

What do you want?

Myth # 7?

A piece I was asked to write about being single?

My battle over color at the nail salon?

I'm taking requests, suggestions, questions.

What interests you?

What energizes you?

- M from the Hilltop


yossi said...

how about one regarding teenagers at risk (as the public call them) otherwise known as the greatest teenagers who need love

Dovid said...
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Anonymous said...

how about one regarding teenagers at risk (as the public call them) otherwise known as the greatest teenagers who need love

Dovid said...

To be honest with you (why am about to write this when I know I'll regret it as soon as it's posted?), I'm not crazy about the myth-busting series. I do believe that there's a lot more truth than myth in the accusations. That said, I think that at this point anything you write will be appreciated. We're going dry, you know. (And pray tell why the alternative is nail salons!)

Nemo said...

Being single sounds like a fun concept.

blogger said...

tell us about something you wouldn't say in person. hey, take advantage of the blog shield.

the sabra said...

im for myth #7 and the nail colors.
i disagree with dovid re the truth in the accusations, and i adore your myth busting.

Anonymous said...

all those ideas sound good!! :)
its not as much what you write but how you write it
-leah larson

Yossi's blog said...

Hey! How about the MYTH that feeling guilty when you mess up is a good thing...Or how about the MYTH that baal teshuvas are aceepted into the regular lubavitch community...Or how about the MYTH that all shluchim are selflessly devoted to the Rebbe without care for themselves, or there personel honor (yeah right).

Or.... how about the MYTH that teenagers at risk are lost souls who need to be shown the light and love, when really most of them come from troubled homes with emotionall disturbed backrounds.

* takes a moment to breath deeply and calm down *

Anyway....I think that would be cool.

(Please don't take my comments as criticism of lubavitch, even though it may well be justified. Rather, take it as some personall soul searching, and pain at the so many innocents labeled and derided for trying to just be human).

Mimi said...

Yossi: Maybe you should start a blog about teens at risk, seems to be a theme :)

Dovid: Ouch. My first critisism of the Myth Series. No, it's good. But I'm unclear as to what you mean by accusations.

A little disenchanted about this "culture/society"?

The myths are about our own notions we harbor as Lubavitchers, not anything that comes from so-called outsiders.

And the only alternative isn't nail salons...I was just naming some stuff I have written up.

What's going on with your blog? I have your blog newsflashes in my gmail, see recent posts, but they're not actually on the blog - keep taking them down? Or..?

Nemo: It does, doesn't it?

Might be a little too personal, but debating it. Eventually will surface, I imagine.

Blogger: Something I wouldn't say in person? Give me more details. What do you mean? I don't really say a lot in person, so, might not be so interesting. :)

Sabra: I can always count on you, thanks. Don't worry about Dovid, he admitedly regrets his comment :) - not that he needed to. It's all part of the picture.

Leah! Hey darling! Thanks for commenting, and for the compliment.

Yossi's blog: A lot going on there, I'm with you on the breathing part. :) The things you mention are "real" issues insofar as they exist in peoples' minds. However, I can't say I am going to be "mything" any of your suggestions.

If you can't tell, I'm a stubbornly proud Lubavitcher. I like to stick with that energy. :)


Sometimes I wish I was in a daily writing class, with someone giving me assignments, getting my brain moving. I guess that's what I was trying to get at here.

Thanks, people.

Yossi's blog said...

Thanks for replying!!

However......Don't you think thats a little closed minded?? Like maybe we should deal with the real issues......I.D.K. Maybe just ignoring it and focusing on the positive stuff is where its at(not being sarcastic here), but it just seems too much like being blind to the elephant in the living room thing...(or hawever it goes).

Don't mean to stir the pot, it's just stuff i feel pretty cynical/pationatly about.

Mimi said...

You're right. It's a big fat elephant in the living room. But people are starting to talk about it.

I guess it's something you should feel passionately about...but cynical? Don't need that.

And yes, focusing on the positive.
It's the lack of that that leads to a lot of what we call "troubled teens."

Don't ya think?

Anonymous said...

"Sometimes I wish I was in a daily writing class, with someone giving me assignments, getting my brain moving. I guess that's what I was trying to get at here."

Check out I think they have daily assignments & exercises you might be interested in :). Or at least give you some ideas to make your own assignments.
-Leah Larson

Anonymous said...

why not write about how being married might have affected your battle over color at the nail salon?

Mimi said...

Leah, thanks for the tip. Totally going to check it out.

Anonymous - Are you a married woman? Why the interest? :) I think being single affects the decision a lot more...

Nemo said...

Is that cause someone else helps you make the decision or because you just stop caring once you're married?

Mimi said...

I dunno, I think about that. I think a lot of people stop caring, for sure. Or maybe, just the pressure to be "an image" falls, and who you "really" are comes through.

But yes, if my husband had a nail polish color preference, I'd go with that color...with few exceptions. Nail polish is there to look good, right? Well, hopefully, your husband is the main person you care about looking good for.

Interesting and semi-complex discussion.

Anonymous said...

Mimi - Why don't you talk about transitioning to Crown Heights. About Chabad here vs. chabad on shlichus and chabad in tsfat (yes, all one - but...)
About getting dressed in the morning, your daily interactions and your relationship to G-d in each of those places.
About finding your voice, trusting your voice and sharing that voice.
About good.
About light.
About confusion.

Hmmm, I'll chew in that for a bit.

Mimi said...

All good ideas, Anonymous.

Who ARE you? :)

thinkingrandom said...

forget about the nailpolish,
i thought u were going to write about the nail salon on friday afternoon,
i thought it was a pretty unique experience.
anyway please don't write anything that focuses on the negative in this small little world that we live in....the more one talks about something, the more energy and power it has,
and btw. and i like the stuff u say in person
it always makes me think
c u at the nail salon ;)