Friday, December 15, 2006

Light in the Dark

My hometown of Seattle.

After the aiport rejecting Shliach's request to put up a Menorah, they're all sitting powerless.

Really. A storm knocked all the power out.

They're, literally, in the dark.

Oh, Channukah.

So much happening in the air.

The Greeks attacked the soul of it all, waging war on spirituality.

They didn't win, and they never will.

While Seattle sits in the dark and lights their Menorahs, the message is alive.

It's interesting, that through the rejection of a Menorah, Channukah got the most publicity. After all the publicity, more Jews in Seattle, and in the world, have Channukah on their mind this year.


Right there.

Light in the dark.

This Channukah, may we all increase in light, give power to our souls, to spirituality, and feel the wamrth of Yiddishkeit all around, inside and out.

- M


Nemo said...

Don't you think that's a convoluted take on the whole thing?

More people are PISSED OFF at Channukah and Chabad this year!!

Anonymous said...

isn't that the most interesting thing,
Everyone saying that my brother in law wanted the trees down,
which btw is the furthest thing from the truth, we just wanted equal and fair representation of our holiday symbol
and after all that media insanity
G-d sends this massive storm
and knocks down
tons of trees in seattle,
and forcing the airport to close due to lack of power
happy chanaukah said...

img by

Mimi said...

ShalomNewYork, thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

Mimi, it's Chaya who you got a ride with on Motzei Shabbos from the Ohel- how funny, this picture is my father lighting our public Menorah we were talking about...