Friday, April 13, 2007

Twenty One

Spring - and blooming into 21

A year ago tonight, I sat at a bonfire on a Tzfas hilltop surrounded by friends and celebrating my twentieth birthday. I was concluding my six month stay in Tzfas, an experience that was animated with truth and beauty that changed my eyes forever. I felt the whole world unraveling before me.

That week, I wrote in a letter home:

I felt like this was my first birthday ever, the beginning of my life. It's amazing to stand in the same place that you were exactly a year ago but have a completely different inner and outer reality, seeing the world and others in a completely new light.

Since then, I've had more rich experiences - working with and for the more incredible people, being presented with unbelievable growth opportunities, making new friendships, traveling, learning, and most recently, moving into a fourth floor apartment, where I map out the rest of my life, everyday.

I never felt entitled to expect that this past year's experiences would become as treasured to me as the the year prior. The appreciation is abundant.

And now, once again, the world is unraveling before me.

I can hear Hashem whispering, "Stay tuned, Mimi."

This birthday, I thank Hashem for the gift of inspiration, and the blessing of being able to see and feel that every new year - and even day - is the beginning of the rest of my life.


Mimi said...

I also thank Hashem for friends who make me birthday cakes upon my pending return to Crown Heights.

*Ahem* - get crackin' :)

Israel Krasnianski said...
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Israel Krasnianski said...

Happy Brithday Mimi!

May you have a year filled with blessings and much success. A year of wisdom, understanding, happiness and health and may you go from strength to strength soaring to endless heights while bringing it down to others in the lower planes.

A little dvar torah for your birthday:

"Hachacham einov b'rosho," the wise one has his eyes in his head. The eyes should see via the level of the head (mind), in the higher atmospheres, the spherers of spiritual loftiness. But the feet should stay steadfastly grounded on this world, where it is all made applicable and relevant.

Unfortunately some people's eyesight is through thier feet. They base thier lives on what they see in the lowest realms, on the levels of treaded footsteps. They live in a pit and only know to dig deeper until somone educates them. Hence, the wise one who knows better and can see clearer, above and beyond this world's falseness. Therefore he/she can see the beauty of the essence and draw it down, even into the deepest bowels of the souls who are digging.

Happy Birthday Mimi, today is the day G-d personally reminds you that you matter. Its a day to remmember/celebrate the unique gifts and talents that were given to you by Him. a day to reasses if/how they are being used to maximum potentials.

Anonymous said...


yo mim! happy bday girl.
as y.y once said at chabad central
when we daven every morning and
we say those hebrew words of pesukei
dezimra-we really are saying--we are
going for a ride-following HaShem no
matter where our feet take us.
alas, one day by Yericho.
it is nice to feel like ur first bday all over again :)

batya shalhevet

Estee said...

happy birthday. i give you a bracha for a shnas hatzlacha, revealed good, health, nachas (for your family and from your faily) growth (beruchnius, or if you married then begashmius w/ a baby) hmmmm. what else did i say happiness and health
and CLARITY when you need it
good shabbos

Dude said...

shnat hatzlacha ubrocho, shnat happiness health and tonz of cash-money. shnat everlasting contentment and education and discovery and advancement in all details of every area. Shnat moshiach achshav.

Anonymous said...

21, unmarried (as of yet,
IYH at right time,)normal.

can you please explain this to my mom!

another girl said...

happy birthday mimi!
may you continue to give your parents and the Rebbe and all those you love lots of nachas.

may you have the best of health, (i hope youre fully recuperated from that awful flu)revealed happiness, and blessing.

i am humbled by your birthday euphoria.
thanks for being a real friend.

Rochel said...

HAppy Birthday mimi!

Mimi said...

Anonymous: Hey, what's with the pressure?! :) Give me your mom's cell number. Funny, my mom was married with a kid at my age...but, alas, it's all the way it's supposed to be, ah?

Another girl: Hmmm, trying to figure out who you are...who I've been a real friend to :)

Thanks everyone for the birthday blessings. May all those who blessed be blessed in return, and, goshdarnit, lets dance in Jerusalem this Shabbos.

- Mimi from the Hilltop

Dov said...

Happy birthday!

I love you, Mimi, and I'm so proud to call you my sister.

Keep blossoming, keep shining, you're awesome. To a year filled with everything your heart and mind desires.



Shloim said...

Happy Birthday to my amazing sister Mimi! She deserves only the best and I wish her continued success in everything.

Happy 21st Mim, I love you!


Yossi said...
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Yossi said...


Happy, Happy Birthday. Wishing that your flame will continue to burn bright for your family, friends and blog devotees for many years to come. I love you loads, thanks for always making me proud.

: )

Yoss "What LEVEL" Nosig

Anonymous said...

happy Birthday MIMI!!! i finally got a chance to check out ur's awsome! hope u have a year full of only revealed good and happiness....Lotsa luv from Aus and enjoy 21...its kewl!
rochel gelman

Tiferes said...
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Tiferes said...

Hey, Mimi! Happy Birthday- turned 21 today? I'm turning 21 tomorrow nite... so I can relate.

May you have a year in which all your dreams become a reality. You should enjoy every minute of it to its fullest and find happiness every step of the way. From one "sefira" baby to another- it's pretty special to have a birthday right before the birth of the Jewish people and at a time where we find at different times in our life that our sefira very obviously applies to our being. Look into it (if you haven't)! Hashem should give you clarity in your decisions that come with this new year of life and... make this birthday as special if not more special than last year (it's kinda hard to top lats year, huh?) Mazal Tov!!

awating said...

where r those promised pics of ur trip 2 the zoo?

Mimi said...

I was waiting for someone to ask!
But, hey, I never PROMISED :).

Either way, believe it or not...I can't find my camera cord, which means no pictures on my laptop! Argh.

I'm cleaning my room now - if I find it, I'll have them loaded soon (that is, if they're's just animals, but some of them are pretty cool I guess).

Mottel said...

A shnas Hotzlocha B'gashmius u'bruchnius.
Keep growing, writing, keep inspiring.

nahama said...

inner peace blah blah blah it's party time!

the sabra said...

"..just animals"

huh? JUST animals?

is this really you mimi??

Mimi said...

Sabra, you're so right. That wasn't me. Just, I thought maybe the person's interest had to do with thinking I was in the picture, so just clarifying. But, indeed, pictures of animals in the zoo happens to be far more thrilling. So, I should post them, I guess?

Nemo said...

Happy Birthday... here's to another year of blogging!!

cookie said...

happy second bday mimasita.
wow you're getting old.
and so advanced for your age...

the sabra said...

a photo is a photo
be it of a mountain, a lawyer, a document, a window, a face, or a lion.
its an expression
its an art
its a connection
its a lesson
its to be internalized
its to be shared

sometimes, at least.

yes, post em.

(muttering to herself-)
JUST animals?