Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Just Build

[Today is the 17th of Tammuz, when we fast to mourn the breaching of Jerusalem's walls.]

The Jew is caught in the delicate balance.

To build.

To break.

To build the good.

To break the bad.

To build up, to create, to add.

To break, to erase, to destroy.

To teach, to inspire, to give, to smile.

To prevent, to reproach, to shout, to regret.

To move forward, and give strength to the light.

To look backwards, and highlight the loss.

To see a mountain.

Or to see a ditch.

So here goes the Jew.


And breaking.


And breaking.

Sweat boiling on his forehead.

But he is going nowhere.

Everything he builds, he breaks.

He is ready to fall apart.

And he's crying.

Along comes the Rebbe.

He says, Just build.

Stop sweating to break.

Just build.


And build.

And build.

You won't notice the ditch.

Just build.

And build.

And build.

Light mocks the darkness.

And build.

And build.

Evil will vanish.

So, don't stop.

Don't fall in the ditch.

Just build.


shloime said...

why does he break evrything that he builds .is he not breacking what someone els bulit .
i think also some times you must breack but that is by the way not where you goal is.like tearing a old buildding in order to put up a new one .that can take even more effort some times .I met a lebsin jewess on june 24 going to the gay pride prade so she tryied to shlep me there ...we talked and i gave her shabbut candles .i told her man must spread light and chabad does not dwel on being hatefull to others .we are not the cristin right .so now friday night her and her partner light shabat candles in park slope for a few hours on a friday night G-D is in there home even when ungodly acts are being perfromed in a Sodom and Gomorrah in brooklyn .

Chana said...

Very inspiring. This is so applicable to everything in life - including the fight against global radical islam, i.e. terrorism. After viewing a documentary about Islamo-fascists (at NIGHTLIFE, not on this blog) I heard many people wondering, "what now? How can we help?" Funny how we're so used to having a lesson at the end of everything; some sort of direction. This comes from the Rebbe, of course. We're taught that everything we learn or see has a purpose and is meant to promote action. So what can we do against such evil? Build. Create and spread so much good that the bad has nowhere to go - it disappears. Dispel darkness with light.

Oh, and registering to vote and trying to vote the right ppl into office can help a bit too! :)

chanahp said...

Bouncing off what Chana wrote, in Tzfat last year Rabbi Kaplan brought in a great story on the topic of voting:
A Lubavitcher told the Rebbe that he would be flying. The Rebbe asked if he ordered Kosher food. He replied that he hadn't. The Rebbe asked him to do so, for two reaosons:
1)I don't quite remember but something to the extent of: The airlines should know kosher food is in demand
2)WHen the steward/ess comes around with the list of passengers this person could look at it, find the Jewish names, and go talk to them.
This story was told in connection with the Rebbe's directive to vote in Eretz Yisrael. The common theme is that whenever you have the oppurtunity to make a positive difference, do it!

Chana said...


Another Rabbi Kaplan fan! Yay!
Great story. Great point.

Mimi said...

Shloime, there definitely is an idea of breaking to build. But it's exactly that - to build! Whereas some people (and particular sects of Judaism) highlight breaking in itself, Chabad comes and says that everything that falls apart is for us to put together. Going down to move up. And in that way, the breaking was actually building...inherently.

Chana, exactly my thoughts after watching that movie. I kept on thinking, How blessed are we to have a Rebbe who gave us such clear guidelines - a detailed plan to combat darkness. Without the Rebbe's voice, watching videos like that is just downright depressing, scary, and leaves you feeling helpless.

ChanahP, Hi! What a story! The Rebbe sure had everything covered, ah? Amazing...

Mimi said...

(Correction. Not a plan to COMBAT darkness, but to build and make it evaporate in the light...which is exactly the point here...)

mom said...

m'inyan l'inyan...
the side thingie you have, "interesting reads"...

Who needs happiness if it cant buy money?
(forgot who said it.)

pia said...

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