Monday, December 10, 2007

In my dream

In my dream I am returning to Tzfas

I am kneeling by my grave

The part of me that I miss is six feet below

And I am mourning

In my dream I am talking to G-d

I am choking on my tears

G-d, how could I have known

I wasn't ready

In my dream I am walking the streets

This is where I became myself

This is where I lost myself

The day I decided to leave

In my dream I am trying

To bring it all together again

But no seconds are like the firsts

And I am slamming against a wall

In my dream I am pounding

My fist against my heart

G-d, let her out

Let me out again

In my dream I am pleading

This time, I'll waste no time

I won't be here to get high

I'll do it all for you, only for you

In my dream I am dying

And rising at the same time

Switching places with the grave

And resurrecting the real me

In my dream I am choosing

To be focused on the moment

Taking it in deeper

The second time around

In my dream I am running

Far from complacency

Far from being still

Far from every second prior

In my dream I am returning to Tzfas

I am kneeling by my birth

I am not missing any part of me

It's a light filled morning


Der Shygetz said...

Very nice, if a little frightening. :).

Of course if I would have had a dream like that I would have reported myself dead for IRS and life insurance purposes and the dream would have ended with me handing my own death certificate and a pic of my kever to the appropriate authorities!!!!

Anonymous said...

you are an unbeleivable writer! to resurrect the feelings I have in myself

chang said...

the beautiful thing about life is that it goes on...and we only grow from all its lows.
cycles that only bring us higher and higher

through inspiration and regret

you ain't dead girl
you's just in hiding
tis winter
tis cold

spring is coming...
i love you mini

sabra'le said...


completely blown said...

I’m a newcomer to the hilltop, and have been reading your past and current posts for the past few days/weeks.
I am completely blown…They are all so powerful, inspiring, meaningful, thought provoking…etc.

Every post touched me so deeply, awakening something within…and getting me back on track.

So many of the struggles and issues you refer to are RIGHT ON- I can relate to them all too well…and it is so refreshing to see these things written about so eloquently… with a positivity and truthfulness which is rarely found.

Thank you!

Keep this much-needed inspiration coming full-fource.

Mimi said...

Completely blown, can you e-mail me personally?