Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Our Rebbe, Our Rebbetzin

Our Rebbe lived an entirely public life completely extended outward.

When he spoke, his voice trailed over miles, rode over oceans and resonated in the four corners of the world.

His advice pours over pages and pages of printed works.

His every move; watched, photographed, discussed.

Our memories of the Rebbe are colorful, vivid, real.

In contrast, there was our Rebbetzin.

The Rebbetzin lived an entirely private life, completely devoted to her husband, the leader of world Jewry.

When she spoke, it was in the warmth of her own home - delicate whispers in private and personal conversation.

All the Rebbetzin's deeds can not be heralded, for they are unknown.

Pictures are scarce, and we struggle to share our memories.

Talk about a force to be reckoned with.

The Rebbe's voice forces us outwards.
The Rebbetzins smile turns us inward.

Together, these two opposite poles produced a revolution.


Anonymous said...

Wonderfully remarkable how those opposite poles can advance one and the other, raise the stakes and all the values, I love that reality!

Amen to the Revolution, Amen to the Moshiach.

Cookie said...

you are a beautiful writer
i love this post so very much i think i'll go back and read it again.
all my love,