Wednesday, April 02, 2008


It's like everything has led up to this moment.

All the questions. All the changing. All the sighing and wondering how its going to come together.

All the distress in not living up to my potential.

All the knowing that I am more.

I come to work. Straight to the elevator.

But he is on the video in the entrance lobby.

I hear his voice. Addressing the world. Strong, clear and direct.

He has been talking for a while, and will continue to talk for a while.

But I pass at the point where he is talking to me.

"...And if G-d expects something of us, certainly he has given us the Koach (strength) to do that which he expects."

My heart aches. Its just so simply and undeniably true.

I close my eyes as the elevator door closes.

And indeed, I am going up from here.


YSchier said...

All the distress in not living up to my potential.

-Many of us wish we were as "bad" as you are when it comes to living up to your potential.

But it is amazing how these things happen, how the Rebbe shows us that so long as our eyes are open, we can see that he is still here for us even though he has left this world. Now, we need to see him with our physical eyes, right now, with the immediate coming of Moshiach!

Please post more often (ah - your recent lapses in posting must be what you are referring to when you bemoan not living up to your potential!)

Chana said...

Ya know, when you write stuff like this, it inspires US to live up to OUR potential. Engagements are ALSO wayyyyy inspiring :)

Melissa said...

beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful, I like your writing! You should be a writer or filmmaker! :) I mean professionally, you already are a writer. We need more Jewish artists who aren't left wing like those leftists who support giving away the state of Israel! Most artists, writers, filmmakers are left wing. It would be nice to have a few right wing or religious ones who don't make films that wreak of propaganda but still want to get across an important message :) It's a war and they are winning. Us writers and artists need to fight back against leftist hippies who allign themselves with the Christianized liberalized mentality of the west where anything goes. Make a film, write a book, write a catchy song! People don't like to be preached to, they like experience which is why fiction or personalized biographies are great tools to get people to see a certain point of view!

Dovid said...

Very true. The Rebbe keeps speaking, but when we just focus in for a minute, we hear and we feel and we ache...

Mottel said...

It's interesting how the videos are around us wherever we go: in 770, the Ohel . . . and we don't hear them, we pass by hearing, but not hearing, seeing, but not seeing . . . and then, when we need it most, it comes roaring in our eyes and ears.

The message is always there, we need only tune in.

Chana said...


Who are you and how is it that we're not yet friends???!!! You're awesome.

Art and liberalism are NOT synonymous. Yay! Another conservative artist!

anon, you'll like this, check it out.

yschier said...

It is not just the videos that we don't hear - it is so many signs that the Rebbe is still there for us albeit in such a different way than before Gimmel Tammuz.

Anonymous said...

hi mimi! here's to relating wholeheartedly to your post. And here's to YOU! love, chanie

Anonymous said...

Oh Mima, Oh Mima, you are one talented Maitel.

Love you loads!

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting, your writing is fabulous and very much an insparation...