Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The lyrics to the tune in my head

Be a light, she says, and more than a lamp. Be flooding waters, and never just damp. Make a map of your heart, and draw it on their face. Race to the finish line, race at your pace. Lace all the colors in a sea of roaring waves. Run out of your caves, and run towards the sun. Run and run, for you'll never be done. Don't come undone. Stand tall. Taller than you are. Look far, raise the bar, but breathe in and out. This is what its about; just moving. Grooving to the beat, this feat aint so small. But give it your all, don't you sigh. Water the twinkle in your eye. Be fire. Don't melt. Handle the cards you've been dealt. Remember how you felt when you discovered it all. How you knew you found it to be true. How you flew when you held it in your hand. So take a stand. Don't forget how you left to embrace something new. Something so real, something so you.

Be you, she says, but more than just I. Be something bigger, let all ego die. Make a map of the world, and draw it on your heart. Rip the curtains apart and reveal...

...something so you, something so you.


Der Shygetz said...

Nisht shlecht but you are knowink what det if I am havink tunes in myne kop de man mit der vaisse mantl iz arupmachen der voltage but now shoyn I em gettink 25 toisend voltelach A/C in oichet a por milyon D/C so detz all I ken have! are so talented and I think you should write the next set of rap lyrics for a certain singer whose name will go unmentioned - and you know why :) :) :)!

Den again, you schreibt af-Eynglisch, I mach a trenslation af-Hymish (oder af-Gibberish) in Lipa Schmeltzer, ver lebt mit mir in der zelber pedded cell, ken repp'n tzi dyne poetry oichet!

ML said...

Beautiful . . .

Hadassah said...

mimi, beautiful. i really felt like you were talking to me. it's so true, to "remember how you felt when you discovered it all. How you knew you found it to be true."


just like you. ;)

Perel said...

well written!

YSchier said...

Actually, this is so nice that it deserves a comment from my real self and not just from that Der Shygetz character who fled Pilgrim State because his padded cellmate Schmeltzer (well, actually I'm more padded than Lipa especially around the waist!) left the door open!

This really is material for serious Jewish rap that could really get young people into Judaism! I'm not into alternative music but if I ever heard these lyrics or any others like this that you write, put to any sort of a beat, I'd be first on line to buy the recording!

You really should find someone to put it to music or beat boxing or whatever! And when I post in my real name I'm not joking!

And keep on writing, whether it's rap, poetry or prose - you really are an amazingly talented writer and your nefesh haelokis shines through every one of your posts! Yasher koiach!

A kosher un frelichen Pesach!

chanahp said...

this is beautiful Mimi!!
hi, btw. haven't seen or spoken in a while. this and the following poem are beatiful!!!
(i think we say beautiful when we mean - TRUE! so true! but you cant' put enough exclamation points to express the eureka of truth reflected in your beautiful words. so hence, beautiful!)