Thursday, May 15, 2008

Israel, stand up

I want to be with you. In your time of need, in your time of unrest. In no time at all.

I miss your smell. Stone and sand and spices and a slight burning.

I miss your sound. Engaging chatter and violins and a vibrant language.

I miss your people. Sometimes divided but forever alive.

I miss your style. Joyful and resolute and oh so honest.

But most of all, I miss your friendship.

I miss our conversations.

I miss the secrets you whispered in my ear.

Oh, Israel.

When I felt like crumbling, you were there to hold me up.

When I screamed and cried, you let it resonate in your walls.

When I laughed, you made it real. You let it live.

With you, I could be whatever I wanted to be.

And you made me want to be good. Just good.

You loved when when I didn't love you back.

Yea, you never turned your back on me.

Now they want to divide your holy city.

And I am ignoring your cries for help atop a throne across the sea.

Yea, I'm just going to say it.

I am ignoring your cries for help atop a throne across the sea.

Wondering if my prayers can reach you.

Jerusalem, in your time of need....I am helpless.

You loved me when I didn't love you back.

You never turned your back, no you never turned your back on me.

You were always the strong one.

And now I am digging my knees on American soil.

Asking you.


Please stand up.


ML said...

Make our own Israel -an inner Israel . . .
Not to replace our land, as that can never be done.

Our own personal redemption will bring about the the general one. Make it manifest in you, and it will happen there.

Mimi said...

Grrrr...I know, I know...

* Sigh *

Mottel said...
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ML said...

The problem is making it happen within at times feels harder then making it happen across the sea.

Chana said...

Oh I miss it so much! And I daven that Hashem protects everyone. I don't think anything short of a neis can turn around the idiotic policies of the blind govt though.

Raizel said...

Mim, Beautiful. Your words so resonate within me. This is such a volatile, yet powerful time for our holy land. The land is so strong, yet it is weakened by the people who don't recognize its strength. It has always stood on its own, doing what is right, dealing with its inhabitants appropriately, yet it seems to be confused. I don't get our holy land these days, that it is holding and protecting us and simultaneously throwing us about an hurting us. But maybe that's the people, not our land? We need a miracle.

hadassah said...

*sigh* is right...

i feel you. it hurts, but i feel you.

Itzhak Schier said...

The problem is that many who love Israel are not able to live there for many reasons - in my case it is the stifling bureaucracy and corrupt society which is the fault of those who live there but do not love it.

chava said...

question-was ur love for israel a selfless one?

Basya said...

Everyone has to stand up for Israel though even if they feel helpless. sometimes, though I don't think in your case it was,the feeling of helplesness is really an excuse not to feel- "I can't do anything about it. So I'm not going to let it bother me".

ChayAiz said...


regards from Israel-- it says it still loves you.