Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Calm Rush

November 29th 2005

I finally have my ticket. I am leaving in four days.
That's it - four days.

It's funny. After waiting and waiting around, so desperate to go, I actually have the date and...now I am wishing I had more time. It seems like I always either have too much time, or too little. But, I guess we all have these sort of love-hate relationships with the tick-tock in our lives, right?

When I called to tell my brother Saadya that I finally got my ticket to Israel, he told me that he sensed something new in my voice - a certain excitement. Meanwhile, I was hearing excitement in HIS voice, and the reality hit. I thought "Some one else is in on this with me, its real" - sort of like in the movies when the kid sees a ghost and has to call his friend over to make sure its real, that he's not just seeing things. Well, I guess that's what Saadya's excitement did for me. After talking to him, the first person I called to tell, everything felt calm. But I dunno, shouldn't I be going crazy? Stressed? Nervous? Rushing a little?

Afterall, I've got only four days.

But nope. I'm sitting here rambling away on the computer while an empty suitcase sits idly on my bed, waiting for me.


Which reminds me! I have an empty suitcase sitting idly on my bed waiting for me.

Gotta go start packing!

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