Sunday, May 28, 2006

The real thing, my brother. You're in.

(Letter to a brother - May 24th 2006)

You're in New York right now because a Shliach called you and told you that you were the man to go affect and reveal a Jewish soul. The mission is simple and complex, soft and hard, and surely so huge and significant.

I want to impart something to you, give over something inspiring, say something that can spiral your heart during the next days of your incredible living - giving - taking -making - burning - learning mission.

But, alas, I have nothing exterior to add to your experience.

What's moving me, is the experience itself - everything it already is .

Sometimes I'm shocked at how far G-d tells us to go for the so-called details.

G-d says, "One Jew. That is my world." And immediately, you're on a plane to the east coast to treat a dreadlocks-wearing Jew like the royalty that he is.

I'm actually on the verge of tears as I write this.

I'm having feelings of, "Wow, G-d really is this great. Yiddishkeit really is this real. We really are supposed to be living this."

We go through life having ideals and values, and loving it, believing it.

And then, something comes along that transcends and encompasses all our beliefs. Something that shows us just how real it actually gets. Something that smashes the calmness of our ideology, and forces us to expect more from ourselves, and from each other.

It's something that comes along to ask, "How much do you really believe this? Do you really care? How far will you go?"

"This is the real thing. Are you in?"

Real Judaism doesn't let us rest. It interrupts our plans, and makes a real schedule of our time. It tests and stretches us. It shapes and teaches us. It make us dance, and move forward with a passionate, confident, and calm speed.

It gets us on a plane, all to do a Mitzvah.


Always remember to feel pride in being part of an incredible nation (not a philosophy, not a sect) that believes in the power of the individual, the power of what goodness and kindness can do to bring the whole world to its final redemption. A nation that believes in the soul, and it's world-blowing powers. A nation that believes in unity, and friendship, and connecting.

Be proud that you were chosen, that you have incredible integrity and strength and liveliness. Be proud that G-d believes in you in a way that he openly shows you the uniqueness of your strengths and mission.

It's downright awesome to call you my friend, and fellow soul-adventurer.

It's inspiring to watch you, and learn from you.

I await a good farbrengen with you.

I love you.

Your proud sister,



FrumGirl said...


Absolutely beautiful... speaks to my soul in ways only few know how.

Girrrrl said...

I especially like the part you expressed about G-d being personal with sending you your mission, and trusting you.


Oh Gaaaughwed!

jim said...

You take it where it is supposed to be, would that it would be there for us all, continually. There is a spirit of Humanity, but this is the Spirit of G-d. The Realness I feel in your words, your Strength Beacons.

This is a very good post, from the Hilltop.