Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mrs. Horwitz

Christian is a young African American woman who enthusiastically works nights at Nordstroms.

She helped me return my earrings tonight, and digged my voice and my ring from Israel.

When I met her, I loved her - and felt a strong Jewish vibe.

But she's not Jewish.

Oh, but her husband is.

They married, despite protests from both sides of the family.

But the man, Mordy Meir, didn't care. He was marrying Christian, no matter what.

So they got married.

And she's an open woman, interested and open to studying "a hundred bibles" and finding truth.

She's happy that her husband is now getting more into his Jewish roots. She's more than supportive, and interested herself. Even her own church-going mother is into "the whole thing."

I told her that Judaism believes in a G-dly soul, and that no matter where her husband is or what he's into, he deserves the right to discover and claim his roots.

She was totally down with that idea.

I now have her e-mail address, and she and her husband will soon be receiving some Shavuos info from me.

I just thought you all should know there's a woman out there named Christian Horwitz.

Yup, her name is Christian Horwitz.


Raizel said...

ahhhh, Mim, that was spectacular...I am still reveling in that encounter and am blown away. So many neshamos screaming to be heard and brought back! Seriously, HaShem works in such mind boggeling and incredible ways. Every situation screams HaShems name, but this one had it written all over. The pick of the store, the earrings to return, the deep voices, the phone call from tem to delay us, and many other factors that exude my vision. Mim, props to you for the way you handled it; your quite a special someone yourself!
glad to be shoppin' witchya again ;)

annoying grammar dude said...

She and her husband. (As you wouldn't say "Her will soon be...")

Still good writing.

No, you don't know me though we've corresponded briefly.

Interesting episode I'd rather not post here. Do you have an email address listed here, or do you care to post one?

Mimi said...

(You can always e-mail me at - should be in my profile)

Anonymous said...

aight.. mim i'm happy to know that ur still finding souls, wherever u go.... this must happened right after i got off the phone with you..... hmmm
anyway thanks for listeninggg.
luv ya

FrumGirl said...

Amazing! Happy shavuos!

Mushk said...


cma said...

wow thats really cool...