Friday, June 16, 2006

The Mission Hotline. Please Hold.

G-d's waiting room

G-d, you'’re too patient.

Why can't it be now? How do you tolerate all this time? I dilly-daddle, and you'’re acting like it'’s all okay.

It'’s not okay.

I don'’t want to waste time anymore. Can you just get me there?

Get me there.
Get me there.
Get me there!

My biggest fear is missing this whole thing.

And I feel like you've put me on hold.

Tell me.

How do you want this to go down?

I only want to do it your way.

I'’ll change my nature, to do it your way.

Do it your way.
Do it your way.
Do it your way.

Answer me.

Do you want me to sit down, and talk quietly to the few?
Do you need me to be loud, and dance like they all do?
Am I missing my mission? Rushing to acheive it?
Should I run with this one? Or maybe, should I leave it?

Does this look good?
Am I doing it right?
How about now?

Where do I look?

Please, do your part.

You put me here.
You put me here.
You put me here.

I need you.

Please, be present.

Enough of these leisurly strolls.

I don't want to be patient anymore.

Let's do this.

Do you hear me?


They say you have a vision of the me that'’s really me.

I want so much to see it, to know how it'’s gonna be.

I'm trying to create it, trying to find my way.

Can you show me? Tell me what you have to say.

I will await your reply.

Please, be quick.


anonym00kie said...

wow that is really powerful.

im glad you found my blog.. so i could find yours.

people think having their prayers answered is the key to being happy, but i think it's just being able to write to g-d, to talk to him, to share and open up and communicate - that's what builds the relationship and helps us make sense of things.

Pimplesoflife said...

but by praying he does answer you and when he does arent you happy??

the sabra said...

equal scale between good n bad.
you KNOW ur next action will tip it.

do the details matter or the direction?

(titchadshi on ur new blog look)

FrumGirl said...

Wouldnt it be so much easier ;-)

I loved the poem at the end...!

Raizel said...

ahhh, the age old question; why are we here? Trepidation sets in when I think, what if I miss the boat? What if I don't fulfill my potential?

It is incredible, that there is only one of each of us to ever have been created like us, only one of each of us that has our specific mission that only we can accomplish; and that is a serious resposibility.

In His infinite kindness, HaShem is forever telling us where to go, and how to be and the key, it seems, is to keep your senses attune to the right channel at all times. To look to the Torah wisdom to see what G-D really wants from us; to keep our eyes and ears open to the messages that G-D sends our way all day long; and of course to keeping the lines of communication open both ways-to be in a constant conversation with G-D.

this of course is much easier said than done, but Gadlus Haadam (human potential for greatness) never ceases to amaze me.

mim, your in for quite a ride in your life, and I know you will make it a G-D filled,special, meaningful, exciting, passionate and inspiring, journey.

jim said...

hi, strong talk, direct approach, move along, takes time, it is a long ride, relax. I too say many of the same things, 'sooner rather than later, come on' then I say 'when you're ready of course, but..' Always be talking, He likes to Hear.

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

I love it, so great.

yoniQua said...

really nice post. good on ya!

Bonnie B said...

Wouldn't it be nice if He delivered our answers quickly, but I think He does it when we need them most. Waiting is not always easy. It is not for me.

Nemo said...

There's an old Shul joke, but it does have some reality to it:

G-d answers all prayers. Sometimes he just says no...

Praying doesn't always mean that we're going to have our way, sometimes Hashem knows better. He has a plan for everything though.

Mushk said...

Quite the conversation.

Let us know what the other side of the dialog has to say.

A Frum Idealist said...

yeah. I wish you luck getting answers. If it were only that easy.
We live in an age of instant gratification. However, we learn that Hashem's patience is almost eternal, and that is seen as one of his strengths. Something that we need to work on for our ourselves.

Anonymous said...


MIMI! It's Shayna from Bais Chana...hope you remember me! Anyways, your blog is so inspiring! I miss you! Email me: if you get a chance!

Love, Shayna

Anonymous said...

Hi Mimi! It's Chanah P, from Tzfat Ir Hakodesh. I'm glad you're still here, invigorating.
There's nothing like talking to Hashem. I started writing poems that start, Dear Hashem. Then, all my poured out questions, frustration, etc. pour out not just into a bottomless pool, but with direction and focus.
In the stream, answers form. I always thought it was a result of the clarity that comes with expression, but now I'm thinking, maybe that in itself is Hashem's part of the dialogue.
Good luck.
Rabbi Ron once said: A smile solves everything.
He meant in relationships. I found smiling at onesself is a solution, too.
Cya in Tzfat Ir Hakodesh right away - and i'll be another neighborhood of expanded Yerushalayim, right?
love, Chanah.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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ChayAiz said...

that sounds like me!