Thursday, June 01, 2006

Shavuos: Bringing it in

At the time of its giving, all the birds were silent, so still. Not a hint of interruption, nothing left unfilled. Just a hill, the people, and G-d's booming voice and will.

They say I was there, as a tiny lit up soul. I vowed not to depart, to make his will my whole. A burning cole was my being as I swayed there seeing, G-dliness revealed.

After persecution, a nation was now healed.

It's been a while since, and the gift has remained intact. But where is the burning? Where's is the pact I made? Do I live with this fact still packed into my brain? My heart begs to find.

I have to rewind.

I was there, where it began, and since - have the flames been fanned? Have I banned my flaming trance from the life I lead each day? Could it really go away?

How do I find this ray?

My soul is buried in Torah's hidden side. Only if I reveal it, can we be unified. The fire has not died, it's cry is heard so loud. The Rebbe said, "Expose it, and just don't see the cloud."

It's time to re-commit, and experience the splendor. To become a vehicle, for my mighty heavenly sender. Let the light come inside, let it reside for a while. And then let it explode, put an end to this exile.

Wishing everyone a Kabalas HaTorah BeSimcha UbiPnimius.

- Mimi from the hilltop


Anonymous said...

one word


FrumGirl said...

I agree... inspiring!!!

Did you have a nice Shavuos?

Saad said...

Mim, you rock.

Mushk said...

Great to read this side by side with you...and lovin' having you home.

Always stimulating and inspirational.

Pimplesoflife said...

wow i really this stuff... it will take me a while to read and catch up all of it but ill get there some day... good stuff..

Pimplesoflife said...
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