Sunday, July 30, 2006

How BAD do you want to be GOOD?

Would you decide to care, once and for all?

Would you put aside the definitions, and follow the truth?

Would you believe in a G-dly soul? Would you listen to it?

Would you stay awake at night?

Would you change your self-definition, with the snap of a finger?

Would you embrace the rollercoaster?

Would you sing a different song?

Dance to a different beat?

Would you smile more?

Would you listen?

Would you ask all your questions?

Would you stop everything?

Would you refuse to let go?


You want to be so good. So badly.

How badly?

You would move at a thousand miles an hour, all to be good.

You would refuse to see the barriers, all to be good.

You would be dangerous, risky, and absolutely crazy - all to be good.

Nothing can hold you back. You know it. You've seen it. You've felt it.

You will shout it to the world, and you'll ask everyone...

...How bad do YOU want to be good?


Chana said...

mimi, shkoach :) where did u get that picture from, bec for some reason it has a striking resembalance to mushka losh and shannon kay...

i'm leaving to melb in 2 hrs
talk to u when i get there..

Pimplesoflife said...

mimi ... worth it... that brings me to write my new post... miss you... keep writing

FrumGirl said...

:-) very cute

Anonymous said...

hey mim
love this
can i email it to some people
let me know
enjoyyyyyy bais chana
maybe me and raiz will come and surpise u
miss u

the sabra said...

actually its really easy to be good...once you want to be, that is. when theres a will theres a way. just stay focused. and its NOT easier said than done.

Pimplesoflife said...

MIMI i miss you!!.. hows minisota?? call sometime!! love ya

Mushk said...

How true.

What a question...How bad do I want to be good?

How bad SHOULD I want to be good?

All of these questions deserve to be asked and deserve to be answered.

Ask them.

Act on them.

Inspire yourself.