Thursday, July 27, 2006

Back from Bais Chana? Never.

After a month without blogging,
my last post and this one are incredibly connected.
The Rebbe’s vision. Redemption. Bais Chana.


I'm back from a very intense, enlightening, growth-filled and soul-lifting month that was the Bais Chana teen program.

When I came to my window seat on the plane, I asked the two passengers in my row it they would rather have my seat, since I never manage to sleep on planes. They both declined, and when I took my seat, I feel right asleep. When I woke up during landing, the man sitting next to me said, “Well, you slept well for someone who never sleeps on planes.”

I just smiled.

It’s been a while since I’ve exerted so much of my body and soul energy. I am physically exhausted, that’s for sure.

But the soul… it’s different. The more you exercise the soul, the better it breathes. The more alive it feels. And apparently, you can put a thousand pound boulder on it, and it will still kick.

Bais Chana was full of soul-kicking young women. After spending time with them, life will never be the same. It can’t.

There’s so much I want to share, but it seems like words just weren’t created to describe experiences with such a high soul-involvement.

All of it has sped right to my core. Nothing is left untouched. The knowledge, the hopes, the fears, the laughs, the tears - they will seep through everything that exists in my future, starting now.


chana said...

hey mimi!! its so good to hear from you so glad u posted this :) i miss u guys all so much,
the whole plane ride the phrase "how bad do you want to be good" was ringing in my mind...
have a good one have a safe flight to minnesota. keep in touch :)

Pimplesoflife said...

AHHHH mimi i miss you sooo much its soo good to see a post from you again... and especialy about bais chana mimi it was real! amazaing... anyway i gotta update my blog sometime to tonight... talk to you soon... love ya

pia said...

that was so beautiful, you described your experience so well. i miss u
love ya, pia

A Frum Idealist said...

it's interesting, when you used the word sped, my mind processed how it seeped into you and then you went on to say that on the next line. An experience that is so moving, changes you and you become a different person because of it. You may not find the words to describe what you experienced, but your words going forward will be a reflection of that experience.

Sheina said...
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gitti leider said...

MIMII!!!! these blogs are super funn! i was thinking of making one but commenting other peoples is so much more fun. i really miss you and send mushk my love. xoxo

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