Friday, August 18, 2006

Myth #5: The Rebbe never went to Israel

People love asking the question. It's as if Chabad is perfect, but they have the pin, the fine point that's going to pop every Lubavitcher into smithereens. There's always a chin-up ego type of stance in the person asking the question. They're thinking, "yea, how's he gonna answer THIS one?"

Why didn't the Rebbe ever go to Israel?

Behind the question is a deeply rooted missionary mindset. It’s a holy checklist. Like no one is seeing the soul of what it's supposed to mean to go to Israel.

What encourages this twistedness is when the Chabadnik being asked actually answers this weak "why?" question by opening their answer with, "because.."

There is no "because..."

The real response isn't an answer. It's a halt on all the questioners premises.

Not only did the Rebbe go to Israel, he was there all the time.

And no, he did not fly El Al. He did not have jet lag, and did not have to deal with the time delay.

His trips were more direct than that.

He didn’t go to Israel, he lived Israel. He breathed Israel.

The Rebbe lived Israel through all his thoughts, speeches, and actions.

His involvement was real, sacred, and always on target.

Get the facts, people.


Because the Rebbe lived Israel, he was able to stand in line for hours and, with his clear vision and positivity, encourage questioning travelers to travel to Israel no matter what the situation.

Because the Rebbe lived Israel, he was able to tell thousands of people not to fear.

Because the Rebbe lived Israel, he was able to turn the shame of crippled Israeli soldiers into deep respect, admiration, and praise.

Because the Rebbe lived Israel, he ensured everyone’s safety when the country was barraged with missiles. No one person was hurt.

Because the Rebbe lived \Israel, thousands of people put on Tefillin for Israel’s safety.

Because the Rebbe lived Israel, everyone became a soldier. Even tiny children marched.

Because the Rebbe lived Israel, his mourning for a soldier’s death was real. After one particular massacre, the Rebbe didn't leave his room for days. He felt everything.

Because the Rebbe lived Israel, he was in continual contact with leaders and politicians. In many ways, the government was in his hands.

Because the Rebbe lived Israel, he knew the issues. He was unafraid to be real about G-d’s instructions.When things got hazy, the Rebbe simple told the world “we’re not allowed.” He wasn’t afraid to say, “This is what G-d wants, this is his will.”

Because the Rebbe lived Israel, he was able to convince two members of Perez’s cabinet to walk out, and Perez never became Prime Minister. The Rebbe would not sit idly and allow him to win with plans to give Arafat the whole West Bank.

Because the Rebbe lived Israel, he was able to give information to hundreds at farbrengens. He knew exactly where American money was going, what the Arab nations next moves were, and the physical details of the Mideast terrain.

Because the Rebbe lived Israel, newspapers were eager to herald the Rebbe’s prophecies, directives, and comfort with the world.

Because the Rebbe lived Israel, everyone there knew his voice was the strongest. When the Rebbe had a stroke and couldn’t speak, Rabin said, “now we can do what we want.”

Because the Rebbe lived Israel, there are countless stories of how Israel was saved through his intervention, his speaking out, his unwavering strength and clarity.

The list goes on. We don't even know the half of it.

The Rebbe had a fiery clarity and focus when it came to Israel and the needs of our nation in times of crisis. He felt every vibration. He didn’t miss a beat.

Ask a Shliach in Israel, "What do you think about the fact that the Rebbe never came to Israel?" and he will answer, "What? Never came to Israel? Where did you hear that?”

Ask a soldier in Israel, and he will smile and whip out his picture of the Rebbe, kiss it, and say “The Rebbe is here, my friend.”

For Israel, the Rebbe was a true leader, a freind, a healer, a truth ringer. It is his message and light, the realness of G-d’s truth in this world, that are the only positivity in Israel today.

The real question is whether the Rabbis who do indeed appear to live in Israel are actually present in the land. They seem to be there, we hear of them every now and then.

Our ‘leaders” in Israel. It’s laughable. All they do is whisper.

The Rebbe got children to rally.

As the Rabbis in Israel whispered.

The Rebbe refused to be passive.

As the Rabbis in Israel whispered.

The Rebbe cried.

As the Rabbis in Israel whispered.

The Rebbe called the Prime Minister.

As the Rabbis in Israel whispered.

The Rebbe said it like it is, and loud.

As the Rabbis in Israel whispered.

The Rebbe himself is known to have asked, “Where is the voice of the religious?”

And, well, the Rabbis in Israel just whispered.


So, this question about the Rebbe visiting Israel. It’s got to go.

If you ever get asked this question, just smile.

Then hit them with the truth.


the sabra said...

im covered in chills. this is a stupendous post. i wanna write more but i dont wanna take away from the realness and simplicity and complexity of this.

just one question i have-the rebbe ever visited chul? ;)

wandering said...

I love the way you answered this one with such clarity- I have spent a lot of time trying to explain this one but it has never been so elequently expressed...

Anonymous said...

Chul is a reality that can exist in Israel too. It's not a place.
Mach Da Eretz Yisroel, you never have to be in "chul" either.

Anonymous said...

this is my favorite blog
thank you

Sheina said...

Mimi! How true! I can't wait till someone asks me! PS. I miss you!

chana said...

mim my fav post. thank u.

Anonymous said...

kol akavod

Pimplesoflife said...

Mimi unbelievable... you make it all seem real and alive...
miss u!

remchalamo said...

Dont wanna rattle too much but thought this was interesting....
The Baba Sali was a well known Mekubal from Eretz Yisroel, who was also very close to the Rebbe. Being the great person that he was, he was able to predict whenever a war in Israel was going to occur. In 1976 he predicted a war the coming Yom Kippur.
After Yom Kipper the followers of the Baba Sali came to him questioning his wrong predicament. There was no war! His response was that the Lubavithcher Rebbe had made a Neshek campaign, thus pushing the war over to Lebanon and its neighbors.
Every time the Rebbe came out with a new mivtza, the followers of the Baba Sali would ask him what effect it had on the world,and specifically Israel and he would tell them.
The Rebbe came out with a campaign that every Jew should have a letter in a sefer Torah. When the Baba Sali was asked what this mivtza had accomplished, his reply was that they should wait a few days.
A few days later Israel went and blew up a major nuclear reactor in Iraq. The whole world was shocked how Israel was able to blow up such a reactor from airplanes. The plant was so deep in the ground it seemed impossible. Naturally the media claimed that there must have been Israeli’s on ground that helped bring about this operation, but such evidence was not proven. The only answer is that it was a miracle, and it was brought about through the mivtza of the Rebbe!
This was a great article of your's!!!

Nemo said...

Just letting you know that I never left... as if I have anywhere else to go, lol.

I have something to add to this, but I wanna just verify it with the source before typing it up...

... Four reasons that the Rebbe told Rav Goren in the 70's about why he doesn't drop in.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post.
I'd just make the discrepancy between ISRAEL and ERETZ YISROEL. The Rebbe lived EY in all senses, but was infuriated and disappointed with Israel.
Also, just an interesting point, it says that s/o who leaves Eretz Yisroel is committing a sin.. hence, another reason why the Rebbe did not visit Israel. There's a lot of info to this topic -- beside the points you brought across.

great article.

Mimi said...

Thanks all for the enthusiasm. I wish I could have brought all the millions of examples, but alas...I have to learn more. I'm glad this was able to get some people pumped, bring some clarity, etc.

Sabra: ME give YOU the chills? I consider that a true acomplishment. Thanks for linking the post.

Wandering: It's been a while. What's going on with your blog? Happy you liked this post. Stay in tune.

Sheina: I miss you, too! Thanks for being a fan of my blog. I love getting comments from you.

Chana: Not sure which Chana this is. From CH? Seattle? Well, whichever one...glad to make a fav post for you. Thanks a ton.

PimplesofLife: It is real and alive, Esther. It's not just how it seems. Thanks for being so "inspire-able" :)

Remchalamo: Thanks for taking the time to share the story. Isn't t just awesome when we see so clearly the effects of the Rebbe's words/mivtzoim? We're blessed.

Nemo: Come back with the details. Before writing up this post, I read about it. But, again, although the Rebbe had his reasons he gave as response to peoples' questions, we're not looking for excuses, to justify. For, well, there's nothing to excuse.

Anonymous from Crown Heights:
The Rebbe's view on the State of Israel is a whole different post. I'll get there, trust me :)

Thanks to all. I love working through these questions/issues/debates...and whats better is knowing other people love it too.

Be in touch.

- Mimi

chana said...

Mimi - can't believe u dont remember me... halloooii chana from melb so far away

Mimi said...

Chaaanaaaa! Well, when you say "hellloooi" like that, all is clear. Hiiiiiiii! Of course I remember you, weirdo. Glad you're keeping on top of me blog, mate. I hope you're bringing Moshiach there, down under. Dirah Bitachtonim, baby - down under. Miss you!

Pimplesoflife said...

MIMI ur hysterical!!!.. ofcorse its real!!!

the sabra said...

(sure no prob..itll be 36 shek a day)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:22 pm

greetings and blessings,

i see you have a misunderstanding in the halochos that apply to some one that visits EY. just to save you from future mistakes look up the halacha. its very clear in the rambam.

good tidings

chana said...

MIM miss u too!! i just met someone who knows u fomr machon alta she was so excited htat i knew u - her name is Mor. glad ur remmebering me and of course i'm bringing moshiach to asutralia - dont u know he's coming here first, we are a day ahead :) i'll call you when he comes (iyh in a few mins)to give u the inside scoop
miss u! keep in touch

Anonymous said...

Your blog is the best one out there-keep up all the optimism and inspire us all!!! We all need it!!! Telll us stuff you learnt!

Tzippy said...

Hey Mimi,
Said so well! I say u send that to get published! we missed you at the end of the program.!

Anonymous said...

When someone asks "Why?" they're usually angry. They don't want an answer. So all those who ask "Why didn't the Rebbe ever go to Israel?"... They're just looking for an outlet in which to express their anger.

thinkingrandom said...

my favorite posting ever
so nice to come back from vacation and read this as my welcome back to the internet
be in touch u silly girl

thinkingrandom said...

my favorite posting ever
so nice to come back from vacation and read this as my welcome back to the internet
be in touch u silly girl

anonym00kie said...


sometimes when poeple ask .. they really do wanna know!
it is a valid question, i think..

and this was a nice answer.. i found

Anonymous said...

the Rebbe is lucky to have you as his Shlucha.
Your going to change the lives of all those you encounter.

vintage jeans said...

This is such a fabulous article, I loved every bit of it. Well done!

Nemo said...

Sorry for never getting back on that post before, I never did get around to checking the story.

Just an interesting story I heard a few nights ago that goes along with the context of this post. A certain someone visited the Rebbe and wanted to discuss where to buy a business in Yerushalayim. He brough with him a map which he showed the Rebbe to discuss various neighborhoods. The Rebbe pushed it aside and started discussing the advantages of different streets and neighborhoods and even traffic patterns... all this without ever having stepped foot in the city!

Also, there was a famous politician who once remarked, "There's a Rabbi who sits in Brooklyn from where he controls the country of Israel."

Anonymous said...

I liked the post... food for thought. The last part bothered me a bit. Does one really need to criticize "the Rabbis in Israel" to extole the Rebbe? Ahavas yisrael cannot be limited by stripe and our gedolim as well as the gedolim of others need to be given the benefit of the doubt. Just a thought...