Monday, October 02, 2006

His Smile. And I'm back.

(Due to many inquiries, and some good inspiration, I'm back to blogland)

This is not how it was supposed to be, the girl told herself.

The images, all led up this?

Her idealistic self came crashing against her reality

And for a while, she couldn't find herself

Her drive to be on fire set off alarms

Why can't I love everything I'm doing?

Why am I looking for more?

Was I real about being G-d's messenger?

But deep down the girl knows what all descents are for...

The girl went to visit the Ohel, the Rebbe's resting place

Where the Rebbe is anything but resting

On the video, the Rebbe spoke to the girl

He said, "Sometimes, it may happen, specifically when you're on G-ds
mission, you have hardships..."

He looked directly at the girl.

With deep urgency in his voice, he concluded that "the only proper
response is to do what you're doing and do it with three times more
the amount, with three times more energy!"

The rebbe reminded the girl that, "Oh, yes...this is G-d's mission."

So the girl is discovering a newfound inner strength

She's finding the happiness and energy that exists no matter what you're doing

That everyday is a gift
That G-d is everywhere

That there are sparks to lift

And there's not time to waste

She's starting to grasp the reality that you make the mission

You define your reality

You make the choice

But most of all

She's discovering tha sometimes the mission has more to do with

What you're needed for

And not what you need

So, with all this, she's coming to terms with a fear

That her deep down burning

Her true inner mission


And will not


So she's starting to run again

She's starting to write again

She's starting to feel G-d's hug

Avinu Malkenu

He is our father

And second, he is our king

But, he is our father first

The girl found that, no matter where your soul lies...

No matter how down, vulnerable, and empty...

If you still look for Him...

He responds with the greatest smile

This year's Tashlich site (e-mail me for more Tishrei pictures).


the sabra said...

may hashem continue to guide 'the girl' and give her a clear mind and heart

Nemo said...


SJ said...

Yayy, you're back to blogging! I want to hear more about how your mission is going! Or I'd love to hear in Seattle for the chagim at all?

Anonymous said...

Very well written,

I get the dept of it since I feel the same way most of the time...and I have to push myself to do anything at all.

have A Gutten Kvitel.


wandering said...

And the descent brings her up even higher then she was before... I am so happy your back again ;)

Chasidishe Shaigitz said...

very nice! Got the chills.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're back (no, you don't know me, I'm just a loyal reader :-) ) Very nice post and hatzlacha on continuing on your mission with full force. Shlucho shel adam kmoso. Hope to see more posts soon!

Grajee said...

happy healthy new year

Estee said...


Anonymous said...

dear Mimi,
Sometimes it frightening how fast G-d is quick to answer. Sometimes when were lucky he answers before we ever ask.
the past few days i have been feeling sick about how i am treating my shlichus. How i havent really put myself into it. I did and then i didnt get the results i imagined. that never happened to me before. But that message.. That said it all. Who the hell cares... when u feel like this get back on track, get back and give it all you've got. treat every program like its the event of the year.
I cannot believe this. I just logged on to see if u had anything new or interesting to say. i wasnt expecting this. I know ur not about to give ur email address over ur blog, but i would love to be in contact with you.
Mimi thank you so much.
keep putting ur best foot forward.
You really changed my life. my perspective.
A fellow BC groupie...
long black wavy hair, saw u twice this summer....
with love...

chana said...

hmmmm wonder who that cud be
how are u darling

Sheina said...

Hey guys,
we have to come here to reuinion?!
Mimi, i'm so happy that you're back to the blog! I'm glad the shlichus thing is working out.. we found someone on our end.. Glad you're enjoying the NY scene!