Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Steppin' out

A bachur steps out in New York

I have yet to hear the details.

I was Gmail chatting with my brother online today when he had to interrupt to go do something.

"Stepping out..." he said.

I asked, "“to where?"” but he was already gone. I resumed my work at the desk, typing up flyers, calling people...

My brother returned a half hour later to answer me.

"Well, turns out...I was stepping make a Bar Mitzvah. First time Teffilin for a guy I just met in the store."

So this is what happens when the Rebbe's soldiers step away from their computers.

Just like that.

A Jew steps out.

A Bar Mitzva takes place.

A Jew steps out.

A man is reconnected.

A Jew steps out.

And our nation is a little more whole.


Imagine if we all just stepped out a little more.

The Rebbe'’s lasting vision lives through us almost effortlessly sometimes.

It was just one small step for a Bachur, one giant leap for mankind.


Dovid said...

Beautiful post.

Nemo said...

I try to take a pair of Teffilin and Chitas wherever I travel.

the sabra said...

try? it's a must. and a pushka as well.

and mimi, once again (at the risk of soundin completely un-sabra like cliche'ish-) AWESOME post!

Anonymous said...

you make me smile!!!

chana said...

thanks mimi i loved that

jabotinsky said...

i'm pretty sure that, that picture, is a "a bochur stepping out in france"

Anonymous said...

its in downtown san diego

Mimi said...

Dovid: Thank you. I know it's a good one when I can solicit a comment from you...

Sabra: thans for the totally un-sabra like clishe'ish compliment. No matter what it is, it's appreciated. Even though I have yet to meet you, I like inspiring you.

Anonymous. It's good to be able to make people smile. Do I know you? I must admit intrigue with anonymous postings. Thanks for visiting anyhow.

Chana. You're welcome. And thank you.

Jabotinsky (is that your name?): Where I found the picture, I'm pretty sure it said New York. What makes you think France?

Anonymous: Sand Diego. Hmmm...

We have to get to the bottom of this. Only the truth should survive on this hilltop.

Case in point: Bachurim (and the maidels, too :)) are steppin' out all over.

Good stuff.

the sabra said...

ya sure did...enough for me to link here ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mimi Tichye,

Yoel Caroline of KB here. Aharon Saadya ben Leah Simcha is definitely blessed with ability to attract Jews to their source. May Hashem bless him to go from strength to strength. Inspiring farby with Moshe Feller here last night. Pls send regards to Shraga, Menachem, Zalman and the whole philly crew. Have you met my family in Elkins Park yet? Be careful of those Philly shluchim. They made my wife's and my shidduch. Final note - stop by KB sometime. Gut Yomtov ALL. MOSHIACH N - NO - NANANANA NOW!

Anonymous said...

PS KB here. I love the concept. "A Jew steps out"

Mimi said...

Hi Rabbi Caroline!!

Wow, this is so exciting. My first comment (I think) from an official Shliach.

Nice! - Rabbi feller! He's one of my favs. From what Saad tells me, sounds like there's lots of good farbrenging going on all around.

Thanks so much for commenting. And G-d willing, I would love to stop by KB for a visit. With all I have heard, I am absolutely "chalishing" to, trust me.

I will definitely send regards. I have yet to meed the Shmidts, but will hopefully soon soon soon. I don't think I have met your family. Where's Elkins Park?

Glad Saadya finally got you on the Hilltop bandwagon. You're lucky to have him there ;-).

"Those Philly Shluchim", eh? From what I hear, they made a pretty fantastic Shidduch for a KB couple! :)

Alrighty, thanks again for posting a comment. Be in touch with the hilltop.

Wishing you continued Hatzlacha, Chayus and only revealed blessings.

- Mimi

Anonymous said...

hey mimi - after seeing yoel's posting i had to add my own ....... enjoy philly - reeeally enjoy chava schmidt - she is my superhero .... i'll share her with you seeing as we are family .. if saadya is 'our bochur' then you become 'our bocherette' - right ???? take care and keep on using those G-d given Notik gifts to keep the world smiling - love rivka xx

Bochur Identity said...

I dont know where the picture is taken, but the bochurs name is Yechiel Miller. Awesome guy.

Great post. Keep on inspirin'!