Friday, December 29, 2006

The Rebbe is on the Plane

No Stopping

Here is a splash of my feelings written from thousands of feet in the air:

I am weightless.

The cabin pressure cannot leave its mark.

Questions of my existence are flowing through the clouds as American Airlines flight 1016 makes its way to Miami.

They have no idea the Rebbe is on the plane.


Traveling for the Rebbe's mission is in a category of its own.

Everything joins the mission. The people you sit next to. The sun setting from the window of 21E. The Diet Coke.

The weightless feeling is there mocking my existence.

It's so clear who's traveling here.

When you're on the Rebbe's mission, you go places.

But it just doesn't feel like me. It doesn't feel like it is me that is going.

If it were me, I'd be a little nervous, a little anxious.

If it were me, I'd have gone to the bathroom a million times before leaving.

If it was me, I'd be checking my watch every five seconds at the gate.

If it was me, I'd be trying to sleep right now - I wouldn't be as alive and alert.

If it was me, I wouldn't have one hundred Pushkas (charity boxes) in my suitcase.

The calm inside.
The fresh mind and spirit.
The confidence and trust.

The feeling of flying - way before boarding the plane.

It's all the Rebbe.

The Rebbe's involvement in the mission he gave us extends beyond the orders.
The Rebbe's investment in his soldiers is intimate, and extends into all the details.

It's not a nice thought.

It's real.



Bubbling and pumping and flowing.

All around me.

It's beyond humbling.

I'll be the first person to touchdown in Miami. There's stuff to do, and I was entrusted with the tasks, the seemingly small details that make the bigger picture. Like coffee.

It's unbelievable really.

Over the course of the next two and a half weeks, souls will jump, truths will explode, and many Jewish women will leave with a recharged connection with their maker, a burning passion to do good and not settle for anything less than sacred.

To be a part of such an experience is a magnificent blessing.

The Rebbe's vision is forever spiraling. From hilltops to the oceans depth, the daily transformation of our people in the direction of redemption is very alive.

On the outset of this journey, feeling the Rebbe's strength and partnership is more than meaningful.

It makes my world shine.

It gives me everything I have.


At any given moment, the Rebbe is on planes coming from and going everywhere. To feel him uniquely invested in this particular mission is extraordinary - a strong testimony to the truth and unity in the Rebbe's detailed vision for this world.

When you're with the Rebbe, you're elevated beyond your natural human tendencies.

You just flow.

The Rebbe doesn't mind flight delays, nor does he complain about his middle seat.

So, naturally, I didn’t.

Attention American Airlines.

The Rebbe is on the plane.


With G-dliness so firmly united in the cause, it's impossible not to feel this weightlessness right now.

I am going somewhere.

Sent from above.

I am blessed.

I am a running river.

I am an ascending flame.

I am a speeding train.

I am a rain drop.

Reporting live.

- M


Raiz said...

It is incredible that when you KNOW you are doing something holy and intrinsicly meaningful you feel G-D's presence so much more clearly because you are SO tapped into it! I love it. It is such a high.

I guess the trick is to be on holy missions every moment of our lives and thereby feel G-D intensely with us at ALL times...


Love ya Mim

Spark some flames in Key Largo =)

raiz said...

...or maybe it is the other way around, if you feel G-D's presence all the time, you will automatically do holy tasks...

thinkingrandom said...

i love it mim
enjoy it and bring some back for me

chana said...
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i said...

is your perspective real, or is it psycholgical?

in other words, in theory, if you were on a mission from the catholic diocese to spread the new testament, couldnt you work yourself up into such a rapture as well?

in which case, isnt your inspiration merely a psychological effect of your mind, and not a realistic effect of the holiness involved?

i ask this with all due respect, and mind you, i respect passion and i respect your ability to be its conduit so well, both in quantity and quality. i would just like to know its nature.

the sabra said...

its real
only the truth can be this real

i said...

oh please

? said...

Whatcha doing there?
Being Mechaneches?

Mimi said...


What I mean to be discussing here is the feeling when you're so clearly setting out to do something that has been blessed by the Rebbe (and it was). The self nullification that is imperative to making it happen - that lets it really fly. The, “it’s not me” feeling. It’s so much bigger. I’m just a tiny messenger, doing what I can. When, really, it’s “the Rebbe on the plane.”

Beyond this, I can only tell you from experience that it has to be real. Even without trying, it’s there. It comes to you, you don’t create it. I didn’t “work myself into a rapture”, nor was it “inspiring” per se. In fact, it was the absence of these feelings that I’m describing. Hence, the weightlessness.

To me, the dynamic relationship between the Rebbe and his messengers is very alive.

Not because I want to feel it. Not because I have to.

It just is.

It’s there.

No denying it.

Now, is it psychological? At it’s root, no. But some people are more conscious of the relationship, the sender. When a Jew who doesn’t know he’s Jewish gives charity, something is happening there, even when he’s not “aware” of it.

So, yes, it’s real.

And yes, it’s psychological. It enters the mind, and grows there - of course.

Like all relationships.

I recognize that this is a kind of choppy response. You can contact me if you want to discuss this more, read about it, etc.

The actual make-up of what I’m describing here is discussed at length in Chassidus. It's worth it to take a look.

- M

Mimi said...


What does "being Mechaneches" mean? :)

I'm here to help run the program, hang out and learn with and from the girls...everything and anything that ensures this is a fun and meaningful time for them.

Obviously, it's not just me. I'm here with an intimate group, a spirited staff of girls/women.

Anonymous said...

I would like to note that the second to last comment that writer wrote is a direct and almost word for word talk that the Rebbe gave in 1979 on Purim their was a group of yeshiva students that where going to make soldiers happy and a group of Arabs began shooting at their van and they where all saved mercilessly the following evening the Rebbe spoke about how because they went on Slhichus of the Rebbe the bond is so deep in between a Chassid and Rebbe that it uplifted the passengers not to be in a state of danger and saved their life!

Anonymous said...

Wow Mimi that’s powerful to think like the Rebbe !!!

Hi said...

is this mission a mission of the Rebbe?

Or a mission of G-d?

The relationship you describe between the Rebbe and his messengers - shouldn't this relationship be taking place between G-d and his messengers (which is us of course)?

Whose mission are carrying out?
The Rebbe's?
Or G-d's?

Nemo said...
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Nemo said...

What a loaded {and spiteful} question...

Obviously the Rebbe's mission is a mission from G-d. If the Rebbe has you do something for the purpose of G-d than it is ultimately for G-d even if it's credited to the Rebbe. We're talking in mundane terms. If your mother asked you to go buy some eggs would you say you're doing G-d's mission?

numanumahey said...

hey nemo that is an awesome awesome answer!!!

curious said...

true nemo.

however, for the survey's sake:

anyone ever truly felt, & said "I'm on a mission for G-d right now?"

that would be nice, too.

YS said...

As always, your writing is wonderful. I love the photo. Your shot or someone else's?