Friday, August 08, 2008


It is with my 145th Live From the Hilltop post that I present the excuse for my disappearance over the past month.

Indeed, love has bitten.

Most of you have already heard the grand news that, through Hashem's completely overwhelming abundance of marvelous and almost-unfathomable blessings, I am engaged to Moshe Hecht (from Queens).

Our holy union will only result (and already has) in more positivity, strength, inspiration, creativity, urgency and honesty in discovering and spreading truth. So, to everyone who has inquired as to the status of this blog and my writing in general: Be excited. Be very excited.

Thank you to all my readers that have told me how my writing inspires, and for your insistence that I keep sharing. I am convinced that the honesty you have demanded from me has blossomed into many blessings in my life - and especially the one of finding my true soul mate.

May we continue to share only the happiest of times together and soon welcome true and complete Redemption!

With joy and gratitude,



Come celebrate with us!

Our L'chaim will I'YH take place this coming Tuesday!

August 12th at 8:00 PM at the
Sephardic Jewish Congregation of Queens
101-17 67th Drive
Forest Hills, NY 11375


the sabra said...

Mazel Tov, Mimi.

Anonymous said...


Mazel tov, binyan adei ad etc..

And even if your schedule and responsibilities, whether as a kallah or a married woman, do not allow you to keep this blog going, you have already generated enough material to inspire many whom you don't know.

I recently gave the link to your blog to someone who was just looking for something to read, and the response was amazing.

Of course we all want to see you continue, but if you can't, you've already completed this shlichus of yours, and even if it is Hashem's will that you move on, your impact will be felt until Moshiach comes, let it be now (because as I am sure you can tell by the clarity of this writing, it's after chatzois on 9 Av here - temp 31 c/87 f - and it did not take me long after Shacharis to become hungry and dehydrated.)

Oh, and you owe Der Shygetz a few thousand forged food stamps, payable in Myanmarese Monopoly gelt, for his segulas, which obviously worked :):).

A Bubby Who Thoroughly Enjoys Your Blog said...

Mazal Tov Mazal Tov! May you build a binyan adei ad.

You have a gift for expressing in words what is in my heart and mind and I know others share that sentiment.
No matter how busy you get, don't ever give up writing!

ChayAiz said...

we love you
from someone you don't know

Mushky said...



I loved this post.

Beautifully thought through and written.

I am so happy I was there for it all. Priceless.

"Let's get nutty".

a well wisher said...

mazel tov!

Anonymous said...

if you dont start writing im gonna do somthing nutty!!!

getting desperate said...

We need some inspration in time for the new year! Please post something new! (Mazal Tov to you and Chasson!)

Der Shygetz said...


Mimi was kidnapped by aliens who took her to Pluto formerly known as a planet.

There, they are keeping her in a room and feeding her nothing but Joyvin-spiked cheesecake as they try to convince her to write a post in support of Obama.

Thankfully she is holding out and staying strong!

Anonymous said...


You are zoiche to be the first recipient of my online wishes for a shnas brocho vehatzlocho - and the reason is that quite a few people that I know as well as myself miss the Hilltop. Still, please do not ever feel compelled to come back and blog if indeed you have moved on as is your right.

So, shnas brocho vehatzlocho to you, mazel tov again to you and your chosson, and while I miss your writing, I fully understand that life moves on and that blogging cannot go on forever.

Oh, and Der Shygetz will be dead and buried in a cyber-kever by Rosh Hashanah (his death benefits will be transferred to Rabbi Friedman in Vienna). That act has gone on too long and I have no time for the blog that goes along with it.