Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Love Bites in Crown Heights

(Written June 14th, and debated whether to post...until just now)

Roaming Carroll, President and Union
Searching for my mate, for some soul reunion
Feeling idealistic, young and naive
Yet to be burdened, still charged to believe

Suddenly a wall, these stumbling blocks
Crash from some words, these calls and these knocks
You tell me its not simple, and force me to define
Wrap me up in plastic, no you can't hear me whine

And it's not just me, but you and you too
Wondering through the days, what you're going to do
Submit to these rules, or break through the layer
One day you feel strong, next day forced to care

So we talk and sigh and roll our eyes
Pour our words and make shadows from a disguise
Praise the system and next breathe break it to pieces
Too afraid to speak out, lest our little box ceases

He says she says, and she says some more
Why isn't what I want just knocking down my door?
They'll tell you, just settle, because he doesn't exist
And the princess inside you is too weak to resist

We're afraid to admit, we feel a little trapped
Used to believe in love, and now it's unmapped
Why can't things be more natural, a little more free
What happened to simple love, loving me for me?

Rules and regulations, we embrace and then we curse
Broken heart or rigid love, deciding whats worse
Just a little crowded, and searching for some space
The faces on Kingston just can't get out of this race

So I am here and I'm saying what you can't bare
What you've all, with fear, whispered in my ear
That you're tired of the distant, exhausted dealings
When relationships used to be more about feelings

But nevertheless, the soulmate maker has a plan
Yes, even for you, Mimi, he created a man
So sit still, be honest and hold tight your little dream
Within these boundaries, you'll become someones queen

Yes, love bites in Crown Heights, and everywhere else
But there's an end to this game that time only tells
We'll soon smile, say it was worth it, or not even recall
The love that bites in this town will soon devour us all


R Rubin said...

mimi- this needs some melody- some rhythm and let it hit the waves. You are the voice of a million and counting.

Basya said...

This is great! I know how you feel...

Anonymous said...

R Rubin:

I am totally with you...

Mimi on FM-770 "Live from The Hill Top"


Anonymous said...

Mimi...Your truth and depth never cease to amaze me. Your artistic view poignantly describes the plight of the soul. You are an amazing writer. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...


Yasher koiach - you did it again! You described what you and many others feel without condemning the system or falling into despair.

Can't resist saying this, but some very lucky bochur will get a real queen sooner than even the queen herself can imagine!

Der Shygetz said...


Since dese drei vochen darf shoin zayn ymei simche vemishte, end since you iz nisht gettink nowhere near from enough comments far your gitte verk, I tink itz time far Der Shygetz to kome beck :))))))

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Batyale said...

You're a great writer! I really enjoyed reading your stuff!!

Anonymous said...


Did the Shygetz scare you from posting anymore or are you just taking a rest/suffering from writer's block?

Don't worry - Der Shygetz is back to selling purloined prescription psychotropic pharmaceuticals from his padded paddywagon that shuffles between Creedmoor and G-building - so come back soon!!

Chana said...


Anonymous said...

Mazal tov.

Nemo said...

Mazel Tov.

ML said...

The cliches, the shouts, and OMGs I'll leave for others. Mazel Tov Mazel Tov -wishing you eternal joy and happiness from the depth of my heart -one blogger to the other.

It's nice to see that love does bite in Crown Heights.

Anonymous said...


Just got a message from your father that love did bite!! Kind of suspected something when your posts became so infrequent lately :)))


chanie said...

Mazal tov, Mimi!
Shetizku livnot bayit neeman b`Yisrael al yesodei haTorah vhamitzvot kfi sheheim mu'arim b'maor sheb'torah, zuhi torat hachassidut!

Der Shygetz said...


From which one fin myne segulois did you use? Remember pleaze I iz to get brocho fin Asher Yotzor by der chippe - if dey let me out fin myne hendkuff'n end leg irons to use der byse kisse!

Mazel Tov! You end your chooson should be zoiche never to walk in myne ways or de ways from anyone on myne blog!

Anonymous said...

Mazal tov!!!! awesome poem. IU've been following your blog for a while and I truly admire your sincere soul-searching. I hope your life will be filled with happiness and TRUE LOVE forever.

Anonymous said...

First time reader, I have no idea who you are, just happened upon your blog.
I wanted to tell you that as a lubavitcher girl in the shidduch world, this piece totally touched me very closely, I really relate, and it is inspirational to read that others share and understand my feelings. I see you deserve a Mazal Tov. So happy it all worked out for you. :)