Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rebbe, really didn't have to.

Ever since I started really striving to understand, learn from, and connect with the Rebbe, my life has seen countless blessings.

I have the Rebbe to thank...for a lot of things.

But I never thought he would get me a laptop.

I mean, come on.


I'm at the Bais Chana woman's program in Minnesota right now.

I was just on the teen program, prepared to spend the next month home, but a conversation with Rabbi Friedman led to a change of plans.

"Why don't you come to the woman's program? You can hang out and do some writing for us."

So, here I am.

I quickly realized a laptop was essential to my future, all these opportunities. I knew it would happen, but not so soon. Not so "on demand."

The laptop came because I have a mission. The Rebbe believes in me, and he just couldn't wait.

So, it's exciting.

I'm ready to turn this thing into a mission-invested, spark-lifting, simcha-spreading, and totally Moshiach-bringing machine.

And the Rebbe...

I just can't help but smile.

He's just so tech-savvy.

(We're currently looking to find a fitting name for the laptop. Any ideas?)


Dov said...

(We're currently looking to find a fitting name for the laptop. Any ideas?)

Melech HaMoshiach?

Err... maybe not.

Raizel said...

I'll have you know that this blog sparked (no pun intended) a hour plus conversation with Tem about the Rebbe and his leadership and the role he played (and continues to play)in this world. Maybe I'll fill you in when we talk, but I was wondering what you mean in your blog by thanking the Rebbe and not mentioning HaShem once...?

Anonymous said...

...and an amazing brother named Levi? You're leaving out the missing link.

Anonymous said...

MMM = Mimi's Moshiach Machine

Anonymous said...

Mitzvah tanktop is cute

Moshe said...

I'm not lubavitch but I still read your blog despite it's lubavitch-leaning views. The truth is that I find most of your posts to be really clever and interesting. However, I am quite disturbed by this post. It seems that you are saying that the rebbe runs the world -- that it was he who made everything work out so that you could get your laptop. Do you really believe that? What happened to Hashem being the Master of the universe? Do you believe is was the rebbe who caused this chain of events or Hashem?

ChayAiz said...

i think of it sometimes like the rebbe being the general with a plan and he "arranges" the stuff the soldiers need for the mission,
like get it from G-d.
That fits in with the context...
though the wording is a little disturbing/misleading
any thoughts on an answer?