Friday, June 20, 2008

Never blurry

You were always so precise and direct. So focused.

So crystal clear.

You were present. So in the moment. So in the future.

So crystal clear.

You were a light. So positive, so bright.

So crystal clear.

You were action. So quick and on unafraid.

So crystal clear.

You were truth. So unrelenting and unbending.

So crystal clear.

You were alive. So energetic and passionate.

So crystal clear.

And today, we see a new video of you. "Rare video clips" - broken and blurry images never seen before. We are left with black and white movements that are undefinable, unfindable, unwindable.

And for some reason, we are drawn in. For some reason, we're inspired. For some reason, we still see you.

For your images and videos may be faded.

But you.

You are our Rebbe.

You will always be.

So crystal clear.


Anonymous said...


Your post left me speechless - nothing more I can say except yasher koiach and keep up the great work!

A gute voch!

Anonymous said...

that was beautiful!!
As chassidim, we do not get affected by the blurriness, we see right past it and our Rebbe is still as crystal clear as ever to us.
Everyone can be a Chassid if they want.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to thank you, for sharing your gift of clarity. Not many people can pinpoint to the decimal how things are... you have a stunning ability and im so glad you share it.

Anonymous said...


As always what you wrote for was great - but time for a new post here, please!

Z.D.L. said...

Not properly perfected, but here it is.

Cognitive Emotive Dissonance

my heart feels you're with me, guiding my steps.
my mind is at times uncertain.

my mind is convinced of the truth and correctness of you ways.
my heart sometimes wishes it wasn't.

my heart believes you listen.
my mind needs to be able to see your definite response.

my heart loves you.
my mind feels like it never really knew you.

my mind is enamored with the enormity of your personality, accomplishments and life.
my heart often lacks the passion it wishes it possessed for the things you lived for.

my heart wishes my mind would always see things as you do. it doesn't.
my mind attempts to reconcile the conflict of interests in my heart. it can't.

my mind and heart both miss you. very much.

Sabra said...

that was incredible.
mind if i post it on my own blog?

like old times, i loved it

z.d.l. said...

thank you.

by all means post it on your blog, all i ask is that you share you blog with us.

Mimi said...

z.d.l. - Am I supposed t have figured out the initials by now?

THANK YOU for sharing that.


the sabra said...

wow what a welcome!
absence really DOES make thee hearts grow fonder :)

zdl, you have up to half my kingdom and that's all that you ask?

anyhow, here's the blog link and audaciously enough i posted it before i had your permission so ya..go search the archives ;)

z.d.l. said...

no, you probably won't guess the initials. you don't know me. in fact, i'm not sure why i posted it here. it was one of those 'spur of the moment' things.

sabra, your blog is only open to invited readers of which i am not.

the sabra said...

hmmm takkeh a problem.
email me-

(in my defense, it WAS open at the time of the comment)