Sunday, September 21, 2008

Supposed to be sleeping

I am supposed to be sleeping
But I am awake talking to G-d

1am and these words of return
Haven't been said in a year

Funny thing
I haven't returned in a year

Slichos in a brick shul
Packed with fashionable overtired girls
Smells like teen spirit

I remember last year
My first time, the pre-New Year customs in the Heights
Surroundings uninspiring, but a heart so alive it didn't need it

A year later now
And wow
Heart so alive turned the heat down and took a dive
I went up and down and up and down and found my husband in between
And now I'm back to square one
Yes, back to square one

Pathetic voices saying
No no no no no
Mimi no
This is not in line with the mindless patterns of 12 downtrodden months
Its not supposed to be this way
You didn't go away to come back
You didn't stray to get on track
Still, all of a sudden I am talking to G-d with heart
Suddenly, my insides are reaching for him
With promises abound

yes yes yes yes yes
Mimi yes

I guess I am asleep
But my heart is alive
And these stolen lyrics will close a never ending song
Of up and down and up and down and

It's going to be a good year

I know it

You see
I am supposed to be sleeping
But I am awake talking to G-d


Anonymous said...

wow. that was great!
so real , one of my faves..
thank you for continuing to write
for not forgetting us ...

Anonymous said...


Nice to see another post from you - great stuff as always - ksima vachasima toiva!

Raizel said...

Beautiful Mim.
That's what the Rabbi said to the people who gathered at the Shul I went to for slichos. He said that the question is do you want a relationship with God? He said you have already answered that because you are here in shul at 12am on a sat night instead of relaxing etc...

ML said...

Nice to see a new post up before R"H.
May all of our hearts be aroused to return to Hashem, and may all things we do be endowed with his blessings.

ChayAiz said...

mazal tov!

Der Shygetz said...


Mazel tov!

Mrs (or Rebbetzin) Hecht, is there any chance of at least a farewell post after the sheva brochos week?

You and Moshe should know only happiness, and your blog is sorely missed by many throughout the world (and that's no Der Shygetz parody post; I'm just too lazy to log in as the real me).